Types of natural leather to produce bags

One thing I have to mention at the very beginning. Although it still appears and is used the name “ecological leather”, which would like to be one of the range of leather materials, they are not real skin, and with ecology also have not much in common. In this article I will not write about them. I will deal with the types of genuine hides that make up the handbags, not the products that only pretend to be the skin.

Natural leather faced

It symbolizes naturalness. Characteristic for this skin is an unmistakable, unique drawing of its structure. The quality of the skin, its appearance and properties are very much dependent on the type of tan we use in this process. Because of the tanning time and general requirements, the most common method is a combination method that uses tannins made from tannins of different origin and function. The noblest foreheads are obtained by using properly selected tannins. Only vegetal. Such skin is very delicate and resistant to water intake. They are used in the manufacture of handbags. They usually have a high price,
but it is worth investing in.

Laced lacquered leather

It has a very high gloss, is smooth, and possibly irregularities have been tarnished or covered with glossy foil. Most often lacquered leather is made of shoes, hats, caps or bags. The varnished ecology is used for the production of shoe bags from the lower shelf. Once the lacquered leather handbags were worn to create great outlets. Today they can be worn on a daily basis. As a result, such bags are faster to destroy than ever before. The lacquered leather is rigid and has no soft grip. Most often lacquered bags break in the upper layer. They arise from crushing the skin, which is unavoidable. To clean the lacquered leather you will need a damp cloth. Particularly bright lacquered leather have a very high tendency to absorb other colors. When they are gone they can’t be removed in any way. It’s like a tattoo. If you want to remove them, you need to react quickly. Over time, the lacquered handbag may begin to “stick”. This can not be avoided, but it can be cleaned with a mild detergent and wiped with petrol. This will definitely reduce the viscosity for some time. Older lacquered skins do not need oiling and greasing to keep them in good condition. Additional skin care can bring such skin more harm than good.

Laced lacquered leather UKFTC LTD

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Skin nubukSkin nubuk UKFTC LTD

Nubuk is a soft leather finish on the face of the polished surface. Mostly bovine, veal or pig origin. Tanned by chromium method. It is very tough, hard and thick. How to clean the bags of such skin? Wipe the top of the pouch with a special eraser and then wipe it with a brush, for example for shoes. Such bags should be dried naturally. Away from radiators and other heat sources.

Suede leatherSuede leather ukftc ltd

Suede does not like the moisture and it is very easy to get dirty. It’s a demanding material. However, it is very durable, so many women choose bags made of this material. You can clean it with a sponge with soap or some very delicate detergent. To rinse it, use a soft bristle brush, soaked in clean, lukewarm water. Finally, after drying, it can be brushed gently with sandpaper.



Leather bags are much more durable than those made of synthetic materials. Add elegance to any styling. It is worth to have at least one such in your closet. However, keep in mind that each skin has different characteristics and needs proper care.