Denim Jeans Backpack blue Black Sheep ST5

Fashionable backpack for teenagers – our bestseller


A model created for individualists. Today you can create your own unique and unique backpack. For each backpack we attach a set of pins visible on the photo – you can decide where and how you decorate your dream jeans backpack.

Product features:
* backpacks made of jeans,
* the main compartment is opened using a zipper,
* fits A4 folder format
* on the front sewn a smaller pocket for small items, closed with a zipper,
* the backpack has a comfortable handle to carry in your hand
* backpack braces are adjustable up to a maximum of 85 cm (this is enough to match the height of a woman or man)
* the model is not stiffened, freely arranges the figure as befits the original vintage backpack
* the interior is lined with a cotton lining, easy to clean
* sewn-on patches
* backpacks can be machine washed at low temperature
* 20-25L capacity
* the weight of the backpack is about 300g
* maximum load of 3kg

The shade and intensity of the backpack color, due to dyeing methods, may differ by a few shades from the product in the picture.

height: 45cm
width: 36cm
depth: 15cm
holds A4