Denim Jeans Backpack blue Black Sheep ST3

Girl’s Backpack for School.



A denim backpack with patches is a novelty of the Black Sheep brand. In the school season, the Black Sheep backpacks were very popular, therefore, to meet the huge interest along with fashion trends, we’re introducing backpacks with patches.

The unique appearance of the backpack itself – a marble texture, or a darker color at the seams, is the result of a special treatment of the denim material. Decorative patches are a hit of the season – an indispensable element of a fashionable look, both to school, university or simply for a walk. Our colorful patches will add character to each styling. Currently, we can see patches on virtually all clothing products – from jackets, t-shirts and hats. Why not put them on a backpack that is practical and roomy, and in addition very fashionable.

Product features:
* backpacks are made of strong jeans, additionally reinforced from the inside with a fashionable lining
* main compartment opened with a double slider, it holds the A4 file format
* on the front sewn a smaller pocket for small items, closed with a zipper,
* the backpack has a comfortable handle to carry in your hand
* braces of backpacks sewn solidly, are adjustable to a maximum of 85 cm (this is enough to match the height of a woman or man)
* the model is not stiffened, freely arranges the figure as befits the original vintage backpack
* the interior is lined with a cotton lining, easy to clean
* sewn-on patches
* backpacks can be machine washed at low temperature
* 20-25L capacity
* maximum load of 3kg

height: 45cm
width: 36cm
depth: 15cm
holds A4