Men’s vintage accessories

Men’s fashion has undergone constant changes over the last decades. This also applies to extras. There are many accessories that have returned to grace again. With some additions, men appreciate not only their style, but also functionality. Some items have been refreshed and matched to current trends. They can include: scabbards, boots / shoe covers, razor blades, razors, flies. But today I would like to write about those less popular, which should regain its splendor.

Elastic bands

We used to have different sizes of shirts than they are now. They were not perfectly suited to the masculine silhouette. On this side they were too long and too short. Nowadays it is not as burdensome as 20 or 30 years ago. In particular, companies that specialize in sewing shirts, such as Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin, have shirts with very different sleeves. This makes it possible to buy shirts that perfectly match our body. The collar circuit, which for many men may be a problem, will also agree. Men used to have too long sleeves. Special, elastic bands allow to collect excess material above the elbow. Of course they were not visible under the jacket. If you are passionate about classic male elegance, these bands are still available in many British brands, such as Albert Thurston, Marks & Spencer, TM Lewin.

mens vintage accessories

Pins and safety pins for collars

These accessories are also intended for male fashion enthusiasts. However, they slowly return to grace. They used to be a popular everyday addition. Pins and safety pins were very expensive, but also practical. Their task was to keep the collar loops close together and raise the tie knot. The collapsing of the collar with the safety pin appeared at the same time as the silk shirts, because their curtains were very soft and there was no possibility of starching them. Later on, they were worn on cotton shirts with Piccadilly collar, because they had factory-fitted holes to attach the pin. The pin passes under the knot and one of its ends is unscrewed. It looks like a miniature bar. Such pins in the collar were the trendiest 30, 40 and 50. They were a favorite of such stars as Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra. Nowadays, they can be bought in many men’s fashion shops.

Postman’s bag

When writing about male vintage accessories you can not forget the postman. It seems that the passing of decades is still fashionable. Most often made of leather, which guarantees durability. It is very capacious, so every man can carry all the things he needs in it. In addition, in the middle usually has an organizer. You can include, for example, a business card.

genuine leather satchel bag

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Pocket watch

Watch on a metal chain, a very popular male from the eighteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century. Most men wore it in a waistcoat pocket, which was the backdrop for the men’s outfit. Pocket watches had quite large envelopes and were called “onions”. In addition to the hour, the watches showed the status of the wearer. The simplest were very minimalist. Richer men, on the other hand, wore pocket watches decorated with expensive stones and made of silver or gold. Currently, such watches are considered impractical, but they can still be ordered at online stores. Such a watch will certainly attract the eyes of many women!