Month: February 2021

How To Permantly Remove Roaches

How To Kill Coaches In Memphis, TN

If you need to know how to kill and remove cockroaches then the answer is right here in this forum. I’m sick and tired of people telling me that it’s impossible to get rid of cockroaches because they’re “very stubborn”. First of all, you have to realize that cockroaches are not very stubborn. They are like a dog, you can only train them so much and they will just keep coming back to where they belong. They are like a virus, once they get into your house they will never leave and they will be a major nuisance to you and your family for a long time.


First of all, there is nothing very difficult to do if you have a really efficient insecticide spray, but you must have patience because it may take up to two months before you see even a sign of them. Secondly, you must remember that there is no such thing as getting rid of cockroaches overnight. Cochroaches can live up to 4 years without a bath (which is good news if you have pets and they don’t need a bath, but if you have young children it can be a little bit difficult). They also have a special “defense mechanism” which is called “smell fear”. If you spray your coop with an insecticide and then leave it alone for two months, the cockroaches will go into a “hideout” and forget that they were sprayed, therefore they won’t come back out.


Another very important tip when learning how to get rid of cockroaches is to make sure that you don’t leave food or bait outside. This is because cockroaches are known for their appetites, and if they see food they will investigate it very quickly. If you leave food outside, then you might attract other pests and they could possibly eat all of your food and leave nothing for the cockroaches to live on. They are more than happy to pick up your leftovers, and then they will be right there to wait until you come home and vacuum the floor or sweep the coop.