We know how and where to get branded products to make them an attractive offer for customers. UK Fashion LTD is a company that offers products from the local UK and Europe market and is eager to share its wealth of experience and information in this area. We invite all big and small companies to expand their product range and markets.


Our products are aimed to people who value original style and good quality of leather bags and backpacks. Our fashions combine comfort and original design.


We create leather bags and backpacks with the intention of making every user feel satisfied with a practical and trendy add on every day or special occasion.


The foundation of our development is close relationships with business partners and customers. We adjust our price offer so that everyone can achieve real profit.

Wholesale leather bags and more. Who are we now?

Designing and creating our own collections and new brands gives us  satisfaction of creating unique, personalized products and enhancing our ability to respond quickly to the needs and trends of our customers. We love to provide our customers with the very best.

Offer for stores & business clients

New season collection of men's & women's bags, backpacks, handbags.

Beige men’s Leather Backpack BV29

Large Laptop backpack  in vintage style

Brown men’s Leather Backpack BV29

Large Laptop backpack  in vintage style

Grey men’s Leather Backpack BV29

Large Laptop backpack  in vintage style

Black men’s Leather Backpack BV29

Large Laptop backpack  in vintage style

Meet our team

The greatest strength of our company - our people. Professional, committed and open to customers. Focused in 4 divisions, each one brings a lot of ideas and energy to work.


General Director

Dana is a founding director of UKFTC LTD, she formed the company. Her role is to lead, develop and manage the long-term strategic direction of the business.




Matt is responsible for the innovative branding and design, whilst also striving to improve our digital strategy.



Conference Producer

Madeleine is a Conference Producer at Open Forum Events. She researches forward-thinking ideas for conferences and establishes their viability in order to achieve productive discussion of major public sector issues.



Lead Developer

David is our in-house Front End Developer. He strives to provide hands-on technical leadership for the company’s website.

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